UHE precision mechanics

Since the formation of the company back in 1932, UHE stands for top quality in precision mechanics. With UHE you can take precision, in-time delivery and a friendly customer service for granted.

Overview of our product and service range:

  • Manufacture of specimen, appliances and tools, special casings and cabinets, front panels and testing equipment, metal and plastics processing for single unitand series production. Machinedpartgallery
  • CNC processing: punching, lasering, bending, spot-welding (incl. aluminum), milling, dividing head work, drilling, lathe work production Production
  • NC programming: 2D + 3D CAD (DNC) construction Construction
  • Measuring: with protocol and statistical evaluation on CNC-3Dmeasuringmachine(900 x 550 x 450 mm) and CNC-2D sheet bar measuring (1000 x 1000 x 20 mm),Computer-aided office and production management Construction