Laser engraving means labeling or marking objects with the help of an intense laser beam. For this purpose the labeled material itself is changed. The procedure and the use of energy depend on the material. Laser engravings are waterproof, washable and very durable. They can be created quickly, automatically and individually, which is why the procedure is used for numbering individual parts. The engraving of very small signs, such as QR codes or data matrix, directly on the workpiece are possible, too.

Stylus engravings are incisions of ornaments, letters and decorations in metal, glass, stone and other solid materials. The classical machine engraving on metal surfaces or on glass is done with the stylus as a tool. By removing material a surface is created, that stands out against the background. The patterns cut out by the stylus can be colored and thus be optically highlighted.

A special procedure is the electric engraving. A swinging stick is producing sparks at short intervals which change the surface material by melting and evaporation. Appropriate tools generate the vibrations by an alternating magnetic field in the armature of an electromagnet. At the same time they provide the necessary current flow causing a material change on the metal surface which is to be engraved with every touch. This procedure is similar to the erosion process, however, mostly performed by hand and without intervening liquid. Among others, applications are the engraving of serial and batch numbers on machine parts.


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