Sheet metal working
an efficient full service offer

The list of verbs describing our precision work in metal fabrication is long: punching – pressing – nibbling – lasering – bending – spot-welding – drilling – welding – gluing – measuring – assembling, etc.

At UHE, even the simplest part has our utmost attention. And with our state-of-the art machinery and highly trained staff with a sound know-how we have created the best conditions for success.

We are working with the latest CNC laser and CNC punching machines es well as with all necessary machines for further processing.

CNC spot welders can handle aluminium up to 10 mm thickness and are able to contol the flow and the intensity of the current for every single spot. So we are able to spot-weld different thicknesses in one pass. Micro parts are spot-welded with other, much smaller spot-welding machines.

Our hydraulic presses with pressing forces of up to 100 t can do all sorts of imprints: Beadings, extrusions, borderings, reinforcing ribs, deep drawings, labellings and much more.

For the production of micro contacts of 0,2 mm thick spring sheets we use manual punching tools.

Furthermore we use belt grinders, large and small slide grinding machines, a glas bead system, different threading and moulding machines as well as riveting tongs.