Process planning
and data transfer

In our engineering department, qualified engineer Dipl.-Ing. Hermann Strathmann jr., supported by one of our technicians, is looking after process planning, design and construction of the work pieces. From the preparation of offers and quotations to purchase order entries, process planning and the control of incoming lots, production and outgoing lots, all relevant order processing tasks are digitally managed and controlled.

Thanks to advanced technologies, data required for the design and construction of any particular workpiece can be transmitted to us in many different ways. You may submit your data by E-Mail in IGES-, VDAFS, DWG, STEP and DXF format. 

At the CAD workstation, engineering drawings and digital data are entered into the machine programs. The CAD system facilitates the creation and modification of constructional drawings and the documentation of design processes, while also enabling simulations with the ready-designed objects for testing purposes in two and three-dimensional views. 

In all, the technology increases productivity while also enabling a favourable price-performance ratio.